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Fully paid-up share capital € 4.500.000,00

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The Company is integrated pursuant to the Companies Act 2006 as a limited company by share, it is also authorized to exercise statutory activity pursuant to the national law on limited companies by share and is in possession of all the requisites of professionalism, integrity and indipendence established the regulation implementing the statute as well as the capital and solvency requirements established by the competent bodies; it is also subject to the tax with the ordinary criteria established by the Ministry of Economy and Finance. The Company is also member of ICC (International Chamber of Commerce).

Financial guarantees - processing and eventual issuance from the United Kingdom from our office in London


The experience gained by corporate management in the banking and credit sector as well as in risk management, in addition to the high corporate solidity, allows us to issue financial guarantees that 100% guarantee the needs of the Beneficiary.

This takes place after a careful analysis of the Contractor's creditworthiness and balance sheet by our team of risk underwriters.


The main types of guarantees issued by us are the following:


Guarantees for both "giving" and "doing"

The surety is a guarantee contract in which the guarantor company guarantees the Beneficiary from any contractual breaches of the Contractor. This type of guarantee is used in supply contracts, down payments or advances, leases, etc.


Letters of credit

The letter of credit is a type of guarantee used by companies that trade beyond their national borders issued by financial companies or credit institutions for an amount agreed upon upon signature to ensure that if for any circumstances the Contractor is unable to comply with the contractual obligations the guarantor company will make the payment on its behalf in favor of the Beneficiary.


Performance bond

The performance bond or performance bond is an international guarantee designed to "guarantee" the successful outcome of a contractual obligation.


Bid bond

The bid bond is an international guarantee required for participation in tenders as an alternative to the security deposit. The commitment of the guarantor company is to guarantee the Beneficiary in the event that the Contractor wins the tender and fails to sign the contract.


Advance payment bond

The advance payment bond is an international guarantee designed to "guarantee" any advance payments from the Beneficiary to the Contractor in relation to a sales contract.


Maintenance bond

The maintenance bond is an international guarantee used to guarantee the Beneficiary in the event that any defects are not eliminated upon final delivery of the work.


Retention money bond

The retention money bond is an international guarantee issued in favor of the Beneficiary guaranteeing the case in which the Contractor does not provide the minutes certifying the correct execution of the supply.


Credit default guarantee

Credit default guarantees or CDGs are special financial guarantees designed to guarantee a company the credit it owes to a customer against the latter's payment with 30, 60, 90, 120 and 180 day formulas.


All financial guarantees such as, by way of example, sureties, letters of credit, performance bonds, bid bonds, advance payment bonds, maintenance bonds, retention bonds and credit default guarantees, are processed and eventually issued by our office in London, reserving however, the management of any insolvency and / or claims to the claims management office in Turin and appointing Turin as the competent court, they are also compliant with the URDG 758 regulation signed in Paris which regulates international guarantees on "first demand".

The above list of guarantees is not intended to be exhaustive as there are different types of guarantees in addition to those mentioned to cover specific requests.


Rental guarantees

The real estate market is constantly growing, especially the rental sector, therefore our company, in order to protect the owners and / or real estate companies, provides the latter with guarantees designed specifically for this sector, thus offering adequate coverage to its customers with congruous ceilings and specialized lawyers in the real estate sector.


All guarantee contracts meet high professional standards capable of protecting the Beneficiary and are drawn up in accordance with the rules of clarity, simplicity and transparency, making them understandable even for all those who do not operate in the sector.